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Елена Где носуха?
25 April 2020 10:48


Coati Jackie likes sunbathing very much. You can ofter see her in the morning lying on her back with her fluffy belly exposed to the sun. Jackie leads a healthy and active lifestyle: she thoroughly licks her fur, has breakfast and exercises by climbing the trees. Coati Jackie is constantly taking care of herself, that is why she looks realy good and she likes it when the visitors of the zoo tell her about it.

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Why is it important?

Moscow zoo Pets is one of the largest petting zoos in Russia. Unlike the ordinary zoo, the petting zoo provides the visitors with the opportunity to communicate with the animals directly, without any glass doors or cages. It is allowed to feed an animal, touch it, take it on hands. In Pets zoo there are alimals from all around our Planet. Flower bear, ring-tailed lemur, lama Alpaca, kangaroo, monkey guereza, raccoon coati, funnny parrots, python, varan, little spiders, rabbits, Guinea pigs, Canadian fox, mini pigs - all constituting more than twenty species of exotic animals. Before being placed to the zoo all animals go through a gradual adaptation. They are not wild, as they are used to people's hands since birth, that is why they are tame and friendly towards the visitors of the zoo. All the animals at the zoo are under the constant supervision of the vet, they are vaccinated and have all the required medical certificates. The communication between customers and pets is being watched and controlled by the experienced supervisors who are usually veterinarians or zootechnicians. They can give advice on how to feed exotic animals and take care of them in order to ensure the warm and comfortable process of mutual communication for both customers and animals. 

Moscow zoo Pets is not only an interesting and amusing way of entertainment. Direct contact with animals can contribute to children's moral eductaion and it is also quite beneficial for their psychological state. Such method is called animal therapy or pet therapy. One visit to a petting zoo equals two - three visits to a child psychologist. This method is especially relevant to children with musculo-skeletal system diseases and a down syndrome. When communicating with animals the children become more open and calm, they start to perceive the world as a friendly environment and learn to take care of nature.

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