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Sobak А у нас есть кенгуру.
10 May 2020 01:16

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Анна а где кенгуру
27 April 2020 13:02

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Елена коала? где кенгуру?
25 April 2020 10:38

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19 March 2020 12:39


Kangaroo (лат. Macropodidae) is a family of marsupials containing around 60 species which can be encountered mostly in Australia, on Tasmania and New Guinea an nearby islands. There are such species as kangaroos, wallabies, tree-kangaroos, wallaroos, pademelons, quokka. The differ in size: wallaby's length is about 46 cm (18 in) from nose to tail and the biggest kangaroos can be up to 3 m (118,11) long. 

The main distinctive feature of kangaroo family is that most of the young are carried in a pouch. Newsborns are very small and weak. Usually only single young is born and it might weigh less than 1 g (0.035 oz). Then while it is carried in pouch it grows and becomes stronger.

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Lone Pine Koala Park is the oldest and the biggest koala sanctuary in the world founded in 1927. Besides koalas, there are also kangaroos, Tasmanian devils, wombats, echidnas and various species of reptiles such as a platypus. Visitors are able to pet and feed kangaroos as well.

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