Pandas Zhu and Berry

Pandas Zhu and Berry

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Natasha Какой хорошенький там сидит
22 May 2020 15:57

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Елена Ну и где?
25 April 2020 10:50


In Trevor Zoo you can find Zhu and Berry red pandas - one of the nine endangered species presented here live. They are much more active than their relatives - giant white pandas. Zhu and Berry sleep on branches, love bamboo and fruits. Visit the zoo online to observe them.

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Why is it important?

Trevor Zoo is the only zoo in America located in high school. It was established in 1936 at Millbrook American School by biology teacher Frank Trevor. Today it is a unique place with more than 200 animals, including lemurs, panda, alpacas, owls, shinshills, and others. The zoo also has 8 endangered species of animals.

Trevor Zoo is an accredited institution of the Association of Zoos and Aquariums and provides Millbrook students with a unique opportunity to work directly with wildlife. Today you can visit the zoo online.

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